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Cruquius 1.3 Amsterdam

Cruquius 1.3: Exclusive Condominiums at Entrepothaven.


Studio JAAF was approached with the task of transforming a newly constructed apartment into a warm and distinctive home. The client had previously resided in the Plantagebuurt neighbourhood of Amsterdam, where their residence already contained considerable character. While the modern features of the Cruquius 1.3 apartments were appealing to the client, they aimed to infuse the interior with a more personalized touch in which modern and craftmanship meet.


Studio JAAF created a design for a new layout of the apartment, enlarging and relocating the kitchen to a more central position. Alongside this, a comprehensive lighting plan was devised, and well-considered selection of materials with their corresponding finishes was curated. Customized elements were introduced to elevate the overall aesthetic, including a clever storage solution—a versatile cabinet serving both as a wardrobe and a room-dividing headboard wall. The Studio JAAF team oversaw the entire execution to ensure the optimal realization of the envisioned design.


For this project Studio JAAF worked together with textile designer Roos Soetekouw. Roos Soetekouw designed and hand-embroidered the artwork on the curtains in the living room. The inspiration for the artwork on the curtains in the living room was drawn from the Normandy coast.


Photography by Tim Stet

Styling by Kim de Groot Creative Concepts