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Residential Amsterdam Zuid

In the Museum Quarter of Amsterdam, a three-story apartment underwent a complete renovation in 2023. Originally designed by architect M. de Klerk and constructed in the early twentieth century, the apartment showed signs of aging at the time of purchase. It had experienced unauthorised structural modifications, and did not align with the client’s expectations and needs.

Studio JAAF took on the project, developing a brand-new design for the entire apartment while preserving its historic significance. The design carefully considered the property’s character, either restoring or emphasising its unique features. The attic space underwent a transformation from storage to a loft, showcasing the original beams and blending authenticity with a modern touch.

Project: Residence in The Museum Quarter
Client: Private
Architect: Studio JAAF
Design: Studio JAAF
Build by: Laress B.V.
Floor area: 210 m2
Completion: 2023
Location: Amsterdam, NL
Photography: On a hazy morning
Styling: Kim de Groot